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Daisy Rose is a Mexican American artist of indigenous descent. Her great grandmothers were medicine women and nahuales, a practice that Daisy holds dearly. She lives enamored by the natural world, the female form and womanhood and her gallery is a haven for these entities.


Daisy Rose is an artist with a deep affinity for nature, the body, and the journey of womanhood.

In her piece “Mujer” she sought to capture the connection that exists between women’s bodies and nature. This piece was born as a symbol, not only to serve as a personal reminder for Daisy herself but also as an invitation to all who gaze upon it.

It is an invitation to remember that all bodies are whole, pure, and natural.

Explore the Divine

Her art is infused with a deep connection to the natural world and its ancient wisdom. Through her mesmerizing dance and visual art, Daisy invites you to experience the divinity that resides within every woman.

Explore the Depths of Consciousness

Dos Rosas celebrates the divinity of women, honoring their power and creative energy. It promises an extraordinary exploration of the female form alongside nature.

Enchanting Debut at Dos Rosas:
The Alchemistress Presents 'Mushroom People' -
A Captivating Journey into Hidden Realms

Step into a realm of enchantment as Lindsey Ross, renowned for her monumental wet plate collodion photographs of the American West, presents her captivating debut series, "Mushroom People," exclusively featured at Daisy Rose Gallery. Journeying into uncharted territory, Ross shifts her focus from grand landscapes to the mesmerizing forest floor.

In "Mushroom People," Ross showcases her ability to reveal what is often hidden in plain sight. Through whimsical images, she invites us to contemplate the mystical nature of forests and the hidden communication within the mycorrhizal network, where mushrooms serve as the enigmatic fruiting bodies. These otherworldly beings find their perfect habitat in the fungi that straddle the line between life and death.

Using the unique wet collodion process, Ross challenges the conventions of realistic representation. This process, sensitive only to blue and ultraviolet wavelengths, unveils the unseen while omitting information found in other spectrums. It beckons us to suspend disbelief and explore the hidden mysteries of the natural world.

Join us at Daisy Rose Gallery to experience the extraordinary debut of "Mushroom People" by Lindsey Ross. Delve into a realm where fairies and elementals coexist beyond human perception. Ross's art reminds us of the wonder and bliss found in nature, encouraging us to embrace a broader perspective.

Prepare to be captivated by Lindsey Ross's extraordinary vision and her mastery of the wet plate collodion process. Through her art, she invites you to challenge your notions of reality and embrace the hidden magic that lies just beyond our everyday perception. Explore the captivating series "Mushroom People" and let your imagination take flight within Lindsey Ross's spellbinding world.


Dolores Street, Carmel-By-The-Sea (between Ami and Toro Sushi)

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